Caged Kombat 7 Picks

The Caged Kombat promotion is back in action this Saturday in Appalachia, with what looks like their best card yet.

Let's get to the picks.

Andrew "Burrito" Yeary (6-2, Iron Lock MMA) vs. Alex Reeves

The winner of this will get shot at Bodie Price and the lightweight championship belt. Price and Yeary recently competed in one of the best lightweight fights I have seen in years, and Yeary definitely wants that rematch. I have no clue who Reeves is or where he trains, but I smell a beat down in this one. 

Andrew Yeary wins by anyway he wants early in round 1.

170 Title Fight

Dustin Blanken (3-4, Iron Lock MMA) vs. Kadrean Brewster (1-2, Premier MMA/Knoxville, Tenn.)

Dustin Blanken gets another crack at gold as he goes to war with Kadrean Brewster. Both of these guys have had title or contender fights before and come up short, but someone will walk away with gold on Saturday. Both of these guys are known for heavy hands, knees, and kicks. A tooth is liable to go flying in this one (cough, cough) and someone is going to be laid out on the canvas in this one. Both guys are known for stand up, but I bet a pretty penny both of them have been working their ground game. Dustin Blanken puts a stamp on an amateur career with a title win.

Dustin Blanken wins by right hand KO early in round 1.

135 Title Fight

Rick Caruso (Champion) (4-4, Team Advantage/Bluefield, W.Va.) vs. Dustin Woodward (0-1, Independent)

I could try to make this look pretty, but it’s just not going to happen. A hat off to Dustin Woodward for trying to hype this fight, but Caruso is too much in this one. 

Caruso wins by bloody annihilation early in round 1.

145 Title Fight

Jonathan Pearce (2-1, Tuco O Tapa/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Shane Carroll

Pearce is coming off a loss, and Carroll is coming off some wins against guys that shouldn’t have been in the cage with him. Pearce lost to a guy with great wrestling, but I feel it came down to someone being more explosive than he was. Shane Carroll does have a few good attributes, and being explosive is one of them. Although Carroll is not the wrestler Mang is, Carroll is very good with his hands and feet. Pearce losing his last fight may have been the best thing that could have ever happened to him. I think Pearce has hit the gym harder than ever, and comes with a victory in this one. Jonathan Pearce wins by comeback after dropping the first three rounds. 

Pearce wins by submission early in round 4.

Image Credit: Logo contributed by Caged Kombat

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