ABC Encore Card

Friday, March 29, 2013

From The Encore in Johnson City, Tenn.



Main Event

Jeremiah Harper (3-2-1, Team Oxendine/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. John Haaff (2-1, Team KIA)

Co-Main Event

Aaron Pigford (1-0, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Mike Spurlock (0-0, Knox Independent/Knoxville, Tenn.)

Feature Fight

Jeffery Sparks (3-4, Team Execution/Grundy, Va.) vs. Scott Beck (1-1)

Maddy Simmons (Fighter 411) (0-1, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. TBA

Gannon Glaspie (1-0, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Brandon Grimmett (6-7, Team KIA) 

Jeremy Hensley (Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Leroy Spears (Spears MMA)

Justin Watson (Knox Independent/Knoxville, Tenn.) vs. Dusty Rose (Team KO/Grundy, Va.)

Robbie Long (0-0, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Bradley Johnson (Spears MMA)

Kickboxing: Eddie Horne (1-1, Precision MMA-Team D-Evil/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. David Branum (0-0, Team Oxendine)

Featherweight: Justin Booth (Team KO) vs. Donny Singleton (0-0, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.)

Image Credit: MMA-Insider file photo

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