Titans of the Cage 4 Card

Saturday, November 3, 2012

From George Wythe High School in Wytheville, VA

Event Preview

Live Round-By-Round Report

Co-Main Event, for the TOC Lightweight Top Contendership

David Long (2-1, Team SWMA/Wytheville, Va.) vs. Brandon Creed (2-0, Independent/Sparta, N.C.)

Co-Main Event

160 Catchweight: Joseph Shearin (6-7, Team No Limit/Henderson, N.C.) vs. Mark Jones (Q&A) (6-2, Ironlock MMA & Rivera Fitness/Huntsville, Ala.)

Vacant TOC Featherweight Title

Ayron Davis (1-2, Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.) vs. James Ronsick (13-19, Asheboro, N.C.)

Featherweight: Jesse Hamm (Pro Health Martial Arts/Mt. Airy, N.C.) vs. Daric Hawkins (Team No Limit/Henderson, N.C.)

Welterweight Top Contender Bout; Winner Fights T.R. Fowler forTOC  Title

Leslie "Paco" Merris (2-1, Blue Ridge Kung Fu & Arnis Academy/Abingdon, Va.) vs. Alex Bresnock (2-1, Independent/Glade Spring, Va.

Bantamweight Female: Charity Walker (0-1, Pro Health Martial Arts/Mt. Airy, N.C.) vs. Melissa Blyth (0-2, Team Advantage/Princeton, W.Va.)

Lightweight: Nokomus Shearin (Team No Limit/Henderson, N.C.) vs. Micah Sheffey (2-0, Team SWMA/Wytheville, Va.)

Light Heavyweight: Gage Stanley (2-0, Absolute Jiu-Jitsu/Bristol, Tenn.) vs. Calvin Shook (Independent/Wytheville, Va.)

160 Catchweight: Dillian Goad (Pro Health Martial Arts/Mt. Airy, N.C.) vs. James Rhoton (0-1, Team Advantage/Princeton , W.Va.)

Bantamweight Female: Hannah Elswick (0-1, Independent/Tazewell, Va.) vs. Rayanne Harl (0-0, Team SWMA/Wytheville, Va,) 

165 Catchweight: Ron Vance (2-0, Absolute Jiu-Jitsu/Bristol, Tenn.) Chase Utt (0-1, Mt. Airy Combat & Fitness/Mt. Airy, N.C.)

160 Female: Erica Stroupe (Independent/Wytheville, Va.) vs. Rebecca Long (0-0, Team SWMA/Wytheville, Va.)

Heavyweight: Chris Weaver (1-1, Independent/Marion, Va.) vs. Chris Mitchell (Independent/Saltville, Va.)

Welterweight: Dwayne Hamm (Pro Health Martial Arts/Mount Airy, N.C.) vs. Trevor Spencer (0-1, Independent/Wytheville, Va.)

Middleweight: Shannon Watkins (Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.) vs. T.J. Williams (0-0, Independent/Saltville, Va.)

Image Credit: MMA-Insider file photo

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