PFC 9 Card

Friday, April 4 & Saturday, April 5, 2014

From Washington County Fairgrounds in Abingdon, Va.

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Friday, April 4, 2014 (RECAP)

Main Event, for the PFC Bantamweight (135) Title

James Ronsick (17-26, Asheboro Martial Arts/Asheboro, N.C.) vs. Gannon Glaspie (3-0, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.)

Co-Main Event

Bantamweight (135): Correy Dugger (3-1, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Dylan Stout (0-1, Death Grip/Johnson City, Tenn.)

Bantamweight (135): Michael Leons (1-0, KMAA/Knoxville, Tenn) vs. Kyle Maziarski (1-1, Henry's MMA/Christiansburg, Va.)

160 Catchweight: Cameron Cornett (1-0, Newport Combat Club/Newport, Tenn.) vs. Larry Woodby (0-0, Team Slayer/Gate City, Va.)

Featherweight (145) Female: Melinda Hill (0-1, Independent/Abingdon, Va.) vs. Shamir Peshewa (0-0, KMAA/Knoxville, Tenn.)

Featherweight (145): Miles Williams (1-1, Henry's MMA/Christiansburg, Va.) vs. Robert Francis (0-0, Midway Precision Combat/Kingston, Tenn.)

Atomweight (105) Female: Angie Dugan (0-0, Tuco O Tapa/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Danielle Smith (0-0, Independent/Duffield, Va.)

195 Catchweight: Robert Smith (0-0, Independent/Wytheville, Va.) vs. Scott Floyd (0-0, KMAA/Knoxville, Tenn.)

165 Catchweight: Gerald Mullins (0-0, Independent/Appalachia, Va.) vs. Billy Combs (0-3, Independent/Mountain City, Tenn.)

180 Catchweight: Buddy Anderson (0-0, Independent/Kingsport, Tenn.) vs. Michael Horton (0-0, Team Chaos/Richlands, Va.)

Featherweight (145) Female: Idella Peace (0-0, Independent/Abingdon, Va.) vs. Lisa Blevins (0-2, Team Nasty/Tazewell, Va.)

175 Catchweight: Roger Mullins (2-1, Death Grip/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. AJ Sims (0-0, Kaotic MMA/Wytheville, Va.)

180 Catchweight: Ben Wingo (1-1, Team Chaos/Richlands, Va.) vs,. Brandon Williams (0-0, Independent/Ivanhoe, Va.)

Saturday, April 5, 2014 (LIVE RECAP)


Main Event (VERSUS)

Lightweight (155): Scott Holtzman (6-0, Shield Systems & MMA Lab/Knoxville, Tenn.) vs. George Sheppard (By The Numbers) (14-7, MMA Institute/Richmond, Va.) 

Co-Main Event

Featherweight (145): Steven New (Pro debut; 10-5 amateur, Tuco O Tapa/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Derick Lambert (1-0, Advantage MMA/Princeton, W.Va.) (Spotlight analysis)

Light Heavyweight (205): Jon Sykes (Q&A) (Pro debut, Syke-O/St. Paul, Va.) vs. J.J. Stewart (Spotlight Interview) (0-3, Team FAST/Coeburn, Va.)


Vacant PFC Welterweight (170) Title (Spotlight Analysis)

Garrett Brittain (4-1, Tuco O Tapa/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Bill Edwards (Audio Interview) (2-3, Stryker/Bristol, Va.)

PFC Lightweight (155) Grand Prix Semifinal

Steve Scott (7-1, Team Gurgel & WVMMA/Beckley, W.Va.)  vs. Damir Ferhatbegovic (2-0, Shield Systems/Knoxville, Tenn.)

PFC Lightweight (155) Grand Prix Semifinal

Kyle Jones (5-0-1, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Corey Browning (1-0, Independent/Knoxville, Tenn.)


Lightweight (155): Jon Smith (1-0, Stryker/Bristol, Va.) vs. Reed Justus (0-0, Team Execution/Raven, Va.)

Strawweight (115) Female: Caitlin Akers (0-0, Advantage MMA/Princeton, W.Va.) vs. Tiffani Jenkins (0-0, Independent/Greeneville, Tenn.)


 Heavyweight: Troy Rutledge (1-1, Stryker/Bristol, Va.) vs. Robert Spence (0-3, Team Reaper/Marion, Va.)

140 Catchweight: Nick Cordle (0-0, Team Execution/Raven, Va.) vs. TJ Freeman (0-2, Team Slayer/Gate City, Va.)

140 Catchweight: Andrew Dale (0-1, Team Infidel/Hurley, Va.) vs. Nick Keen (3-5, Team Chaos/Grundy, Va.)



Heavyweight: Shane Wicks (0-0, Team Chaos/Tazewell, Va.) vs. Ryan Cordle (0-0, Team Execution/Richlands, Va.)

Lightweight (155): Dalton Fox (0-0, Independent/Newport, Tenn.) vs. Dustin Bishop (0-0, Independent/Bristol, Va.)


175 Catchweight Juniors: Dalton Morrell (0-0, Stryker/Bristol, Va.) vs. Adam Walker (0-0, Midway Precision Combat/Kingston, Tenn.)



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