Apex Fights 1 Live Report

Saturday, January 11, 2013

From the Higher Education Center in Abingdon, Va.


Middleweight Kickboxing (165): Dalton Fox (0-0, Newport Combat Club/Newport, Tenn.) vs. Hunter Buchanan (0-0, Independent/Mountain City, Tenn.)

Round 1 -- Buchanan landing some big overhands to the head in the early portion of round one. Now Fox coming back with combos of blows to the head and the body. Both guys content to stand and trade without a lot of concern about defense. Buchanan's hands have dropped and now Fox connecting on some measured lefts to the head. Now a combo to the head. Buchanan already looks tired. Ten seconds, and the round is over.

I'd give the first round to Fox, 10-9.

Round 2 -- Fox with an early combination and unloads on some big shots until they clinch and referee Josh Ward breaks them up. Another big straight right by Fox that snaps Buchanan's head back. Fox lands another punch that draws the first big "oooh" of the night from the crowd. It's been all Fox in this round. 

I've got Fox winning 20-18 as we enter the third and final round.

Round 3 -- Buchanan showing some toughness, but Fox's strikes are more crisp as we open the third. Fox gets warned about holding and hitting his opponent. Some big overhands by Fox, and Buchanan just stands and takes them. Both guys look tired, but Buchanan appears very gassed. Fox with a big combo to the head and Buchanan is wobbling. Buchanan fires back a couple times in the final seconds as the fight ends.

Fox is going to win this fight by unanimous decision, the only question might be whether it's 30-27 or 29-28. 

WIN: Dalton Fox by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Heavyweight: Jake Toney (0-0, Death Grip/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Robert Spence (0-2, Independent/Marion, Va.)

Round 1 -- Toney making his debut against the winless Spence. Toney stepped in on short notice after Jesse Hensley had to pull from the fight. Spence misses a spin kick and they end up against the fence before tumbling to the mat. Toney has the better position and Spence ends up on his belly. Punches to the head and body by Toney. Spence is trying to get to his feet and spins onto his back. Spence is able to get half guard briefly before Toney scrambles from side control to take Spence's back again. Punches to the head by Toney. Spence onto his back and eats more ground and pound. Spence tried to grab Toney's head briefly from the bottom, but Toney hooks an arm triangle. Spence taps a split-second before the round ends.

WIN: Jake Toney by submission (2:59, R1) via arm triangle

Flyweight (125): Correy Dugger (1-0, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Kyle Klotz (0-3, Independent/Morristown, Tenn.)

Round 1 -- Glove touch and Dugger iommediately starts throwing hands. They're going all the way around the cage as they slug it out. They clinch up and trade knees to the body. Klotz tries for a guillotine with body scissors and gets slammed. Klotz pulls guard. Klotz tries for a triangle but Dugger defends it well, passes Klotz's guard, hooks his head and starts firing away with punches to the head. Dugger hooks an armlock from that position and Klotz verbally submits.  Impressive showing from Dugger. 

WIN: Correy Dugger wins by submission (1:32, R1) via straight armlock

Light Heavyweight (205): Allen Hicks (1-3, Syke-O/St. Paul, Va.) vs. James Rosenbaum (0-0, Stryker/Bristol, Va.)

Round 1 -- Hicks lands an immediate kick. Rosenbaum answers with a few hits. Hicks lands a right that rocks Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum recovers and gets a takedown. Hicks used a butterfly sweep and landed in Rosenbaum's guard. Hicks worked to mount and land some good shots but Rosenbaum reversed it. Rosenbaum was in Hicks' guard and got caught in an armbar to end the fight. Roy Sanders describes it as "a very technical fight."

WIN: Allen Hicks by submission (2:08, R1) via armbar

Featherweight (145): Chris Bond (0-1, Newport Combat Club/Newport, Tenn.) vs. Josh Schoener (0-0, Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.)

Round 1 -- They end up against the fence. Schoener with a standing guillotine and gets hoisted and slammed by Bond. The guillotine isn't cinched and Bond is able to work to try and improve his position. Schoener pulls guard. Bond's out of the choke, postures up, passes guard and trying to get to side control. They're scrambling on the mat and Bond pulls guard again. Another scramble on the mat, Bond takes Schoener's back and trying for the RNC. Schoener defends the first two attempts and rolls onto his stomach. After a third failed try at the RNC, Bond works to mount. Ten seconds and Bond delivering ground and pound as the round ends. 

Bond wins that one, 10-9. 

Round 2 -- Schoener with some wild punches to start. Bond shoots in for the takedown. Schoener trying to hook an armbar from the bottom. Bond defends well and Schoener ends up on all fours on the mart. Another scramble on the mat and Bond gets to mount and lands two huge rights to the head. Three straight rights to the face and Schoener gives up his back to escape. Bond again going for the RNC, and Schoener taps.

WIN: Chris Bond by submission (1:47, R2) via RNC

Welterweight (170): Kyle Jones (4-0-1, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Billy Combs (0-0, Independent/Mountain City, Tenn.)

Our final prelim fight. Jones, the current 3FC Lightweight Champ, originally was set to face PFC Lightweight Champion Mark Jones, who had to withdraw due to injury. Big credit to the debuting Combs for taking this fight against a tough and experienced opponent. Pro fighter Jesse Grindstaff cornering Combs. 

Round 1 -- Jones lands a flurry of knees to the chest then takes Combs down and hooks his head. Jones then attempts a triangle but Combs is able to power out. Combs has the better position here as Jones pulls guard. Jones again trying for a triangle, then an armbar. Combs tried unsuccessfully to stack and slam Jones, and now we're both back standing. Gritty showing so far from the debut Combs. Jones lands a solid push kick. Jones staggers Combs with a big right hand. They clinch up and Jones with a flurry of knees to the sternum but Combs was able to block most of them. Ten seconds. They're clinched up against the fence and trade knees as the round ends.

Round 2 -- Jones showcasing his stand up early and staggers Combs with a right to the side of the head. They clinch up against the fence. More knees by Jones and Combs continues to block well. Another two-punch combo by Jones. More knees. Combs down to the mat on all fours and looks gassed. Ground and pound by Jones from there to finish the fight.

It's a result everyone expected but a game performance by Jones.

WIN: Kyle Jones by TKO (1:23, R2) due to strikes 

Back in a bit with main card action.


Bantamweight (135): Josh Meade (2-0, Independent/Big Stone Gap, Va.) vs. Jesse MacIntosh (3-2, Team Slayer/Gate City, Va.)

Round 1 -- Both fighters quickly work back against the fence and MacIntosh has the superior position. Meade with a heel trip takedown, rabbit punches to the body as MacIntosh pulls guard. Bit of a stalemate on the ground but both guys are firing enough blows to prevent the referee from standing them up. Finally Meade backs off and we're back to standing. MacIntosh charges in, eats a big shot to the face and hooks up with Meade. Attempted guillotine by MacIntosh as they spin to the mat. Meade has top position but MacIntosh spins him and delivers punches from mount. Meade exposes his back, MacIntosh immediately capitalizes and sinks an RNC to win the fight. 

WIN: Jesse MacIntosh by submission (2:22, R1) via RNC 

Heavyweight: Chris Plaster (0-0, Independent/Richlands, Va.) vs. Scotty Boyd (1-0, Syke-O/St. Paul, Va.)

Round 1 -- Plaster stumbles and goes down after getting tagged at the start and Boyd pounces with a flurry of punches on the mat. Plaster survives it and gets to half guard, then reverses Boyd when he tries an armbar and delivers some nasty looking ground and pound of his own. Big knees to the body by Plaster. They're both back standing. Boyd rocks Plaster, but Plaster answers. Push kick by Plaster. The crowd reaction to this fight is ridiculous. Down to the mat and Boyd unsuccessfully trying a guillotine as the round ends. 

Tough round to score the way it went back and forth but I'll give it to Boyd 10-9. 

Round 2 -- Boyd misses a spinning backfist and eats a huge punch to the face. Plaster is just unloading on Boyd, whose back is up against the fence. Boyd answers and rocks Plaster who is staggered badly. Both guys just swinging, and neither making an attempt to defend. Heel trip takedown by Plaster, who's got mount. Plaster delivering some huge shots from mount, and actually motions to the ref to step in when Boyd loses his mouthpiece. Action resumes, Plaster with a couple more shots and it looks like Boyd doesn't want any of it and rolls onto his stomach. Plaster with the RNC, and Boyd survives for close to a minute before he taps. 

Crowd comes unglued at the win by Plaster. 

Not the most technical fight you're going to see, but it was action packed and the crowd loved it.

WIN: Chris Plaster by submission (2:02, R2) via RNC 

195 Catchweight: Bill Edwards (1-2, Stryker/Bristol, Va.) vs. Ryan Mitchell (0-2, National Martial Arts/Oak Ridge, Tenn.)

Edwards rocking the Tom Petty on his way out to the cage. Respect. 

Round 1 -- Glove touch and here we go. Both fighters keeping it standing and feeling out one another somewhat. Big leg kick by Edwards, and the grimace from Mitchell says it all. Another leg kick by Edwards actually trips Mitchell and Edwards pounces into side control. Elbows and knees to the body by Edwards, the former collegiate wrestler. Edwards continues to alternate elbows and knees to the body then postures up and rains down hammer fists until the fight is stopped. 

Dominance by Edwards in his MMA return.

WIN: Bill Edwards by TKO (1:43, R1) due to strikes 

Featherweight (145): Brandon Lafferty (0-0, Independent/Princeton, W.Va.) vs. Ray Holston (0-0, Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.)

PFC Flyweight Champion Harley Pertee cornering Lafferty.

Round 1 -- Holston with a big slam of Lafferty right off the bat. Lafferty defending fairly well from the bottom. Holston postures up for some ground and pound and Lafferty is able to reverse positions. Now he's on top. Holston has a solid guard, but Lafferty drops back with an ankle lock. Lafferty able to get out of it and now he's back on top. Lots of ground work so far. Davis leaves his left arm exposed, Lafferty grabs it and cinches the armbar. Davis fights it for a few seconds before he taps.

WIN: Brandon Lafferty by submission (2:41, R1) via armbar 

Bantamweight (135): Mark Mullins (2-4, Independent/Big Stone Gap, Va.) vs. Dustin Davis (0-1, Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.)

Round 1 -- Mullins bulls forward into Davis, then delivers a spinning takedown to the mat. Davis able to reverse positions and Mullins pulls guard. Mullins tries an armbar from the bottom but Davis stacks and slams Mullins, then lets him stand. Staying on the feet. Mullins catches Davis with a shot to the side of the head, but Davis with a takedown slam at the clapper. 

Round 2 -- Davis with another slam to start off the next round and trying to take Mullins' back. Davis relentless as he attempts to hook the RNC. Finally he gets it after Mullins rolls onto his belly. Mullins survives the submission for a few seconds, then taps out.

WIN: Dustin Davis by submission (1:28, R2) via RNC 

Heavyweight: Troy Rutledge (0-1, Stryker/Bristol, Va.) vs. Josh Short (1-2-1, Backwoods MMA/Appalachia, Va.)

Round 1 -- The big fellas enter the cage. Rutledge checks a leg kick and charges short back against the cage. Rutledge with a few knees to the leg, and Short spins Rutledge back against the fence. They separate and Rutledge again bulls Short into the fence. This fight has been a grind up against the fence so far, and referee Josh Ward brings them back to center. Rutledge ducks a combo of punches by Short, who tries to hook Rutledge's head. Rutledge continues to attack the left leg of Short with knees up against the cage. Now throwing knees to the right leg of Short, and busting out a few foot stomps. Ten seconds. Rutledge separates and lands a big overhand left. Short answers as the round ends. Rutledge 10-9 based on the control.

Round 2 --  Rutledge starts this round with the same strategy, pushing Short against the fence and grinding him against the cage. He separates and lands a big overhand right, and starts unloading on Short. Short weathers the storm and answers and appears to rattle Rutledge a bit before they clinch up back against the fence. Foot stomps to Short, who is bleeding significantly from the nose. They work off the cage, and a brief exchange of punches sees Rutledge get the advantage before he bulls Short against the fence yet again. Not the most exciting strategy, but it's winning the fight for Rutledge so far. Ten second clapper as Ward brings them back to center, but the round ends. 

Round 3 -- Short attempts and misses a head kick, and Rutledge once again charges Short against the fence. A few boos from the crowd, but it's working. Rutledge separates and drops Short all of a sudden on a flash KO. Rutledge trying to finish him but Short doing a good job fending him off. Rutledge trying to posture up for ground and pound and instead settles in for side control. Punches to the head and knees to the body. More knees to the body. Rutledge pins Short's far arm to the mat and unloads with hammer fists. Short turtles up on the mat and Rutledge is now firing away with punches and hammer fists, then takes Short's back and attempts an RNC. Short spins and now he has position on Rutledge and he's firing away with the punches and hammer fists. Rutledge wrapping Short up around the head and looks like he's just trying to hold on until the bell. He does, as Short lands a few punches to the head and body in the final seconds.

I've got Rutledge winning, 30-27, in our first MMA fight tonight that goes the distance. Short showed some real toughness and fire in that third round.

WIN: Troy Rutledge by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) 

140 Catchweight: Shane Hayden (0-1, Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.) vs. Geoffrey Quintero (0-0, Independent/Marion, Va.)

This fight's been billed as a legit grudge match. Huge crowd reactions for both fighters.

Round 1 -- No glove touch. Both guys come out swinging. Quintero misses on a wild punch and stumbles to the mat. Hayden immediately takes his back and hooks an RNC. Quintero is fighting the submission, but he has to tap out. Glove touch between the two after the fight is over. 

WIN: Shane Hayden by submission (0:39, R1) via RNC 

Lightweight (155): Randy Stamey (2-6-1, Stryker/Bristol, Va.) vs. Josh Cox (2-5, Independent/Marion, Va.)

Stamey is the Assistant Editor here at MMA-Insider.

Round 1 -- Glove touch and here we go. Couple of early leg kicks by Stamey. Stamey lands a nice combo of punches. Cox keeps coming forward and eats a jab to the face, then gets his head hooked by Stamey. Stamey has his back against the fence and his head hooked. They go down to the mat. Cox trying to float over as Stamey hooks the guillotine. Stamey pulls guard, but it's an open guard, and he still has Cox's head hooked. They work back to standing but Stamey still has his head. Now they go back down and Stamey has top position. Cox has Stamey's head wrapped up to keep him from posturing up. Punches to the body by Stamey. More body shots by Stamey. Ten second clapper and the two fighters stay in that position as the round ends. 

Round 2 -- Another glove touch. Push kick by Cox and he wades in swinging before they spin to the mat. Stamey has side control and he's delivering some nasty looking knees to the body. Some of the fans and Stamey's corner are calling for knees, and he obliges them. Cox basically just wrapping up Stamey to try and minimize the damage. Stamey has Cox's back, but Cox has hold of Stamey's right arm. Stamey rolls Cox onto his stomach, and the fight is over. Stryker finishes the night with a 3-1 record.

WIN: Randy Stamey by submission (1:24, R2) via RNC 

In an interview inside the cage, Stamey calls out Micah Sheffey, saying "I want you, and I want you soon. Take the fight."

140 Female Catchweight: Candy Sanders (0-0, Independent/Coeburn, Va.) vs. Tanesha Little (0-0, Team Infidel/Hurley, Va.)

Little rocking the Mortal Kombat theme on the entrance music. I heard this song sooooo many times playing lazer tag at the place off of Eastman Road my last year of high school. Memories… but I digress. 

Sanders is the wife of Roy Sanders, the MMA-Insider predictions columnist. Like a good husband, he's cornering his better half for this fight. 

Round 1 -- They clinch up and Little lands a few punches from the clinch. More punches from Little and she separates the two fighters after Sanders takes a couple of shots to the back of the head. Knees to the body and the leg by Little as she pushes Sanders against the fence. More knees by Little. Sanders turns Little but only for a second before Little spins her again. Referee Channing Wimmer separates them and brings this fight back to center. Little lands an overhand, and once more gets Sanders back against the cage. Little with a throw-style takedown and pounces as Sanders pulls guard. Punches to the body by Little. Sanders doing a solid job defending from the bottom. Little pauses any sort of action. She already looks tired. Sanders trying to hook Little's left arm but she defends it and delivers a little more ground and pound. Now Sanders has Little's arms tied up again briefly. More ground and pound by Little before Sanders hooks her arms again. Body bump by Little in the final 10 seconds.

These are two debut fighters and I'll be interested to see how they respond after the adrenaline dump.

Round 2 -- Now Sanders gets Little back against the cage. It's a battle up against the fence. Sanders had a foot stomp but now Little with a headlock and some punches from the clinch. Punches to the body by Little and stomps from Sanders. They separate and come back to center and Little looks gassed. Little charges in with a big overhand and a flurry to the head before Sanders gets her back against the fence. Little spins her and takes Sanders down to the mat. Wimmer stands up the fighters after several seconds of inaction. Once again Sanders bulls Little into the fence. 10 seconds. Little attempts a couple of body knees as the round ends.

Round 3 -- Little looks like she's found a second wind. Once again we're up against the cage grinding it out. Sanders needs a strong showing here and probably needs to finish. Sanders with a heel trip takedown. Little using her height and long legs to power up and put Sanders' back on the mat as Sanders pulls guard. Little trying to posture up but Sanders is landing some shots from the bottom and has Little's left arm hooked. sje's trying for an armbar. She has that arm trapped and lands a big hammer fist and now she's going for the submission. Crowd screaming for the referee to stand them up. And he does. Both fighters look worn out. Sanders shoots for a takedown. Ten seconds. Little blocks and throwing a bunch of knees but none of them are landing. 

We go to the judges again. 

WIN: Tanesha Little by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

PFC Featherweight (145) #1 Contender

Donny Singleton (4-2-1, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.) vs. Nick Keen (2-4, Independent/Grundy, Va.)

Round 1 -- Glove touch and here we go. Singleton has a serious height and reach advantage. Keen shoots for the takedown, Singleton blocks, spins and takes Keen down to the mat. He immediately unloads with some serious ground and pound. Punches and hammer fists and Wimmer quickly stops the fight.  

WIN: Donny Singleton by TKO (0:34, R1) due to strikes 

Middleweight (185): Andre Gamble (0-1, Team Infidel/Hurley, Va.) vs. Roger Mullins (1-0, Death Grip/Johnson City, Tenn.)

Round 1 -- Keeping it standing early and both fighters looking for their shot. Both go for a push kick at the same time, but Gamble's lands and Mullins' doesn't. Finally Mullins charges in looking for the takedown but Gamble hooks his head. Gamble down in a seated position against the cage and still has Mullins hooked. A few punches to the body by Mullins. More body punches by Mullins. Gamble trying for the guillotine but he doesn't have it because Mullins keeps punching. Referee Josh Ward stands them up. Back to center. Mullins with a waistlock and spins Gamble to the mat with a takedown. Gamble gets to half guard in the final seconds.

Round 2 -- Mullins pushes Gamble back against the fence. Gamble spins Mullins briefly before Mullins reverses. Gamble hooks Mullins' head as Mullins goes for a big slam. Gamble delivers a body shot and uses his strength to get Mullins down on his knees. More body blows by Gamble, who hooks Mullins' head but Mullins has his chin tucked to defend the guillotine. Gamble with basically a side headlock as Mullins floats over looking for side control, then takes Gamble's back. Punches to Gamble who's turtled on all fours. Gamble trying to tie up Mullins from bottom and prevent any damage as Mullins transitions to north-south. Ten seconds. Mullins' corner screaming for knees and he lands one and some punches to the head and body in the final seconds.

Round 3 -- Gamble lands a big overhand right to the head before they tie up against the cage once more. Mullins trying for the single leg takedown but Gamble has it blocked. Elbow to the body by Gamble. Ward separates the fighters and we go back to center. Gamble blocks a body kick and catches Mullins with an overhand right. Gamble hooks Mullins by the head and arm and delivers two knees to the sternum that both land as Mullins gets Gamble back against the fence. Mullins with a foot stomp before they go down to the mat and Gamble again is trying for a guillotine, but Mullins defends. Mullins uses his wrestling to reverse Gamble, who pulls guard. Punches to the body by Mullins. Ten seconds. Some light body punches by Mullins as the fight comes to an end.

WIN: Roger Mullins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

PFC Lightweight (155) #1 Contender

Lightweight (155): Ayron Davis (8-6, Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.) vs. Nick Baker (3-7-1, Newport Combat Club/Newport, Tenn.)

Our second and final #1 contender fight of the night.

Round 1 -- Baker fires a combo of punches in the air early. Davis immediately goes for the takedown. Baker defends it, then continues to defend it as Davis works him all the way back across the cage before Davis scores the slam and works for side control. Baker pulls guard. Davis postures up and tries for some ground and pound. Baker spins onto his belly and Davis takes his back. Davis rears up with a big hammer fist to the head. Baker trying to roll onto his side and prevents Davis from hooking an RNC. Baker now has top position and with a big overhand right. Davis' guard is open and Baker postures up with some big punches to the head. Only a couple land. Now Baker windmilling some huge rights to the head of Davis. He postures up and unloads with some ground and pound in the final 10 seconds of the round. I gave Baker that round, 10-9.

Round 2 --  A big "oooh" from the crowd as Davis eats a punch as he charges Baker into the fence looking for the takedown. Davis gets Baker down, but Baker is seated against the cage and still has solid position, hooking Davis under the breastbone and pressing him facedown on the mat. Some big shots to the body before Baker postures up and unloads with ground and pound to the head of Davis. One quick flurry, and the fight is stopped. Good stoppage.

WIN: Nick Baker by TKO (1:09, R2) due to strikes 

Baker and Stamey have a face-off after the fight. They'll go against one another on April 5 at PFC 9 for the PFC Lightweight Title, which now apparently is vacant. Stamey beat Baker to win a Valor kickboxing title last fall.

Vacant 3FC Light Heavyweight (205) Title

Brock Walker (3-2, Newport Combat Club/Newport, Tenn.) vs. Phillip McGlothlin (5-4, Team Execution/Grundy, Va.)

Round 1 -- Walker charges right at McGlothlin trying to close the gap and compensate for his reach disadvantage, and McGlothlin fires away with a combo of punches to the head. They separate. More trades, and McGlothlin has Walker's head hooked briefly against the cage before they separate again. Walker drops McGlothlin on a flash KO and takes his back with an RNC. McGlothlin looked like he was unconscious for a second or two but he gets out of the hold and now has top position on Walker. Walker hooks MCGlothlin's head briefly, McGlothlin postures up and lands a punch to the face. Big knee to the leg of Walker. Back to standing and McGlothlin separates. McGlothlin lands a big punch that echoes, then wades back in with a flurry. Walker has McGlothlin hooked, but his back's against the fence. He sits down, still holding McGlothlin. Ten seconds. This round is very difficult to score. Round ends. Really tough round to score the way it went so back and forth but I give it to Walker 10-9.

Round 2 -- Walker lands a big overhand left. McGlothlin battles back with an off balance flurry. Walker again hooks McGlothlin's head, but this time McGlothlin pops free and unloads a combo of punches. Another big shot that echoes by McGlothlin. They clinch up and some boxing from the clinch before McGlothlin gets Walker against the fence on the opposite side and delivers two knees to the body. Now McGlothlin separates. McGlothlin unloads with a big haymaker right hand. Walker ducks it, but not the follow up. He drops, and a quick barrage of follow-up punches ends the fight. 

WIN: Phillip McGlothlin by KO (1:31, R2) and is the new 3FC Light Heavyweight Champion

Co-Main Event, for the PFC Featherweight (145) Title

James Ronsick (Champion) (17-24, Asheboro Martial Arts/Asheboro, N.C.) vs. Bo Preece (5-2, Boneyard MMA/Morehead, Ky.)

Round 1 -- Now time for our first title defense.  Ronsick will be defending the PFC Featherweight Title.  Fighters comes out and we are underway.   Rosnick starts with a kick and is throwing them often.  Preece stated with a flurry of his own and clinches with Ronsick, and Ronsick pulls guard.  Working from half guard Preece works some punches to the head.  Lands a good few shots and Ronsick goes for a kimora, but Preece defends it.  Preece is landing some good shots to the body of Ronsick.  Preece postures up, lands some shots.  Ronsick is taking some punishment, and as the round comes to an end Ronsick goes for an armbar attempt, but does not have enough time to finish it.  We will have a round 2.

Round 2 - Ronsick is really working the kicks this round.  Preece seemed to have rocked Ronsick as he came in with a flurry, and followed it up with a head kick that lands, but is caught by Ronsick, and he is able to get Preece to the ground.  Working from guard, Preece is hold on to a guillotine, but eventually lets go, and shoots a takedown on Ronsick.  Now in half guard, Ronsick is no doubt looking for a submission.  Preece is controlling the arm of Ronsick, and is able to reverse the position right before the bell sound to signal the end of the round.  We are going to final round.

Round 3 - I have Preece ahead on the cards, but I've been wrong before.  As Ronsick comes out and tries a kick, Preece hits a kick of his own that hit Ronsick in the leg and took him to the mat. Preece kicks his legs, but lets him back up.  Ronsick is able to close the position, clinch, then pull guard.  Ronsick has locked in a triangle.  Preece is defending it well, but can't seem to get free.  This is Ronsick best chance to win the fight, but Preece breaks free and starts raining down some shots, as the round comes to an end, Preece finishes the round on top.  Both fighters show great respect after the fight by hugging each other.  We will go to the judges scorecards.  I believe Preece has done enough to take the title, but lets hear the decision.  

After 3 rounds of action we will have a judges decision.  The fight is scored: 30-27  for your winner, and new PFC Featherweight Champion Bo Preece.

WIN: Bo Preece by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27), and new PFC Featherweight Champion.

Main Event

Heavyweight: Billy Johnson (5-1, Team Execution/Grundy, Va.) vs. Michael Snapp (4-3, Newport Combat Club/Newport, Tenn.)

The majority of this standing-room-only crowd has stuck around to watch Johnson, one of the top draws on the card. Snapp has lost a significant amount of weight since his last fight and looks to be in the best shape we've seen from him. 

 Round 1 -- Snapp comes out the aggressor, landing a punch and getting Johnson back against the fence. Johnson battles back with some huge punches and knees to the body. Snapp has Johnson pressed against the cage. Foot stomp by Snapp. They trade knees and work off the cage then back against it still all clinched. Big uppercut by Snapp. Johnson with a punch to the body followed by a big knee. A combo to the head by Johnson. Snapp answers. a big punch and more knees to the body. Uppercut from the clinch by Johnson, and some shots to the body. Another uppercut by Johnson. He's hitting Snapp hard but Snapp has answered several times and he's still in the fight. Snapp takes a couple of rabbit punches to the head but stays clinched up against Johnson. Johnson spins Snapp against the fence, and another knee to the body. Snapp reverses Johnson. Johnson tries a judo-style takeover but Snapp blocks as the round ends.

Very tough round to score. Snapp maintained control almost the entire round but ate a ton of strikes in the process.

Round 2 -- Now the fight gets interesting as Johnson's cardio will be tested. Both fighters keeping their distance and looking for their shot as this round begins. Snapp lands a jumping knee to the sternum, and it rocked Johnson. another knee. Snapp with an uppercut and Johnson answers with a big overhand right. Some nasty knees to the body getting exchanged up against the fence. Snapp again has control and Johnson's back against the fence, and Johnson having a tough time getting loose. Snapp landing a couple shots from the clinch. Johnson comes up with a couple big punches to the head, and another knee to the solar plexus. Smart strategy by Snapp, who is controlling the fight, but doing enough to keep the referee from bringing them back to center. Crowd chanting for Johnson. Snapp trying for a single leg takedown, and Johnson with body shots. Snapp looks like he might be gassing. Ten seconds. Johnson spins Snapp back against the fence and lands a shot to the side of Snapp's head as the round ends. 

Last round of the night on the way.

Round 3 -- Glove touch and they immediately lock up again. Trade of knees to the body. Johnson trying to separate, lands a punch to the body and a knee to the sternum. Snapp again trying takedown and he scores a double leg. That's huge. Snapp trying for some ground and pound, Johnson doing well on defense to minimize the damage. Snapp with some punches to the ribs and another to the head. Unless Johnson can get this fight standing or the referee stands them up, he's looking at a decision loss right now in my opinion. Well, they're back standing but still hooked up. Snapp takes Johnson down again. Snapp landing a few shots from the clinch to the body. Johnson has Snapp's head hooked but the guillotine isn't there. Snapp pops his head free. Ten seconds. Both guys are standing again and trade knees to the clinch. Snapp with a final flurry, and Johnson lands the last punch of the fight, which looked like it was a half-second late.

I've got Snapp winning this fight. Let's see what the judges have to say,

WIN: Michael Snapp wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Huge boos from the crowd. Johnson's not happy with the judges, telling someone cageside "He f--- laid on me."

Our predictions man had a rough night on his picks but he nailed this one.


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